blueprint1With over 15+ years of experience and knowledge in the music game, we go inside with the man known as Blueprint. The Understry Founder/CEO and DeCago,

Inc. affiliate defines himself as a "creator of situations" for artists. He creates opportunities to bring themusic industry to the artist abd businesses by providing touring and major label connections.

In playing the role of the"quarterback" forDecago, Inc, Blueprint is able to send various artists to company owner/bossAnthony Jordan. It is from that position he is able to promote shows & tours that deals with the artist(s) being paired for performances overseas with the likes of HipHop professionals such asKRS 1 toWu-Tang.

He also one that carries the belief that"The game can be more independent, cats with strategy behind them will do good." When it comes down to the independent artist on the grind his thoughts are"Open mic cats should be the 1st ones to get paid, artists should get paid, not pay to get on."

In the present,Blueprint is focused on securing sponsorship for events and his promotions while practicing good business. He is also working withKia Babydoll Jeffries (vocalist from Akinyele's Put it in your Mouth), while future plans include working with different non-profit organizations and promoting different shows around the country. In doing so he wants to build on the growth of his business capabilities by focusing on aspects bigger than entertainment stating"it's political, about money and the right timing." His business minded influences includeDiddy, Fifty, and Oprah. Through it all he plans to remainBlueprint, the one who"puts it together, makes it happen....humble not standin' in my own way, always handlin' shit!".


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