ehood3When did you start rhyming & what made you start? Tell us about where you’re from.

I, been playin around With Rap for Long As I Can remember and started to take it serious when I was like 11. My Mama got a

computer from a rent to own type place and I downloaded Fruity loops on it and I would be makin’ some lil bullshit beats that me and my dogs would freestyle to. Over time I got better and better and I’m still learning new shit every day.

What made me wanna start rapping was hearing these rappers sounding like each other, like clones and I noticed around the early 2000’s was when the substance in the music was starting to disappear and you started to hear more “swag rapping” being at the top. It seems like Its more about how you say something than what you actually say. So we starting rap as a serious artist was more of me coming to the rescue to save the industry I love.

A lil bit about where I’m from. I’m from the west side of Orlando, Florida. My hood is Silver Star (The Whole 438) and I rep my city proudly even though it’s not much support between artist. I can’t really blame them though. It’s hard to trust anybody these days. You never know who flaw. But honestly it seems like nobody wants to see the next person have more on their plate than the next man. It’s a sad reality that the city won’t support you until Atlanta or some other shit fuck with you. But it is what it is. I’m my own man. It would just be nice for some unity in the city.

Tell us about your writing abilities & flow style.

I like to say shit I feel I’ve never heard anything like, lyrically that is. To me, I think my flow is Influenced by little pieces of all my favorite artist put together. I never really “Set” what flow or lyrical style I’m gonna use for a beat. I just let the beat talk to me and I talk back. It’s a conversation and I know exactly when it’s my time to speak. As far as writing goes, some songs can be done in 30 minutes, some songs might take me a week or two to be content with a release. Some songs are wrote in my head and never see the notepad. The people around me label me a perfectionist because of how meticulous I am when it comes to my music. I just want everything on point and for people to be mentally into what I release.

What type of obstacles have you encountered getting to where you are?

More than anything I battle myself. It takes a real clear mind and thought space to be able to produce the lyrics I do so when I find myself down or going through tough times its hard for me to even wanna make music. Sometimes that energy is taken and put into music which is always good but another obstacle has been being an artist focused on the fundamentals of rap ( skill, delivery, voice etc.), surrounded by an industry of actors and people who all in it for that check only. I wanna start that movement of real rap coming back so that’s a big obstacle.

Name your three biggest musical influences and how they affect you.

Pac because he showed me it was alright to have an opinion and say fu** whatever I wanted to say fu** or love whatever I wanna love. Biggie because he was so witty and that alone inspired me to wanna be able to say weird lyrical things and grab people’s attention the way he did .Third I’m gone have to say Nas because of the way he tells stories, listening to his albums definitely had an impact on my music.

Where can new fans go to download or purchase your music?

My first and only mixtape so far is available on iTunes it’s called “DRIVIN ON E” and they can also view a lot of videos of me rapping on the porch and other singles on youtube. My channel is EHOODFLA

Who's at the top of your playlist on your iTunes or radio right now?

To be real, my playlist right now is full of beats and old school music I plan on sampling. Whenever I’m in the process of making an album/mixtape I try to stay away from listening to these new rappers. I don’t want my sound influenced by none of it… but I listen to alot of different styles of music a couple of artist I WOULD listen to of today are The Weeknd, J.cole, Ed Sheeran, oh and  Kodak Black starting to catch my ear he got a unique sound.

Name your top five southern MC’S of all time.

That’s a hard one but I’m gone have to go wit’ Andre 3000, J.cole, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne, Pastor Troy.

1990’s hiphop vs. hiphop today. What’s more real to you?

This can’t be a real question… these dudes silly man I take like 20% of new rappers serious.

Explain your fan base before & after social media?

I can’t really speak on before social media because I started getting serious around the time Myspace was popping so I always had that resource. It’s way easier to connect to fans when all it takes is a click.

How do you feel about originality?

That goes back to what made me start rappin. People get tired of hearing everybody sounding the same. I’m comin at the music from my own perspective. However that beat make me feel individually that’s how I’m a handle it, so yeah I’m all for originality.

How far are you trying to take your skills in this rap game?

As far me being myself can take me. I won’t pretend to be somebody I’m Not. I hope to be in everybody’s Top 5 one day. I wanna be part of the reason people start rapping real shit again.

Any advice for young people (men& women) that want to succeed in the

hiphop/ rap world?

Yup, don’t watch what the next person doing career-wise…everybody won’t take the same path because everybody ain’t going to the same place… you gone run into problems along the way but it’ll just be part of your story. Keep grinding fuck the critics.

What would you change in the music industry if you were a top exec.?

I would make it a lil easier for an artist like myself to get in touch with these labels, even at a small fee, at least hear a person out. You never know what you could be overlooking. So yeah I would definitely change the whole A&R process.

What should people expect from you at a live show?

You can expect to turn up and feel every piece of bass I got to offer. I wanna interact with the crowd and I don’t want to just be known as “he can rap”. I wanna be known as a worldwide entertainer and performer.

Are you musically inclined to other instruments?

Besides my beat machine (Akai mpk25) which can be any instrument. I only really touched a guitar but I like that acoustic sound. I also hope to one day actually use my singing voice for a project but who knows.

What can we expect next from you as an artist & where should we be looking?

You can expect single after single until I feel they hungry for my album which I’m constantly working on. I usually post it on my facebook ( E Hood) & backup page (Eric Hood) whenever I’m releasing anything new. Also, instagram @ehoodfla.


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