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Dave Tolliver


“Real talk, I’ve been around the game since I was 4 years old, being with my uncle slash dad, Lynn Tolliver around the radio. I probably started doin’ radio when I was like 15, that was in ’86 around Cleveland. Then I started doing Men At Large in 1990. So roughly over 30 years.”

These are the words of Cleveland vocalist & native Dave Tolliver in this edition of the Industry Insider. As we get more in-depth, this is what he had to say about how the music game has changed since he started:


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So sometimes when one door closes, another one opens. You are blessed with amazing musician ship of some bands that you can’t just not cover them.  This month truly is blessed with these guys after airing them on a show that I had featuring The David Garlow… So Dave, this one is for you.

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All the way from Copenhagen, Kirsten Rigmor, is creating music with producers in Denmark and in the USA. Listening to all kinds of music is a big part of her life with her strongest inspiration comes from listening to tunes from Billie Holiday and Stevie Wonder. The collaborations with different people inspire her, which can be heard in her music. I was fortunate to run into her and here is our conversation: 

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The process of identifying a job and a company that best suits your passions and desires can often feel overwhelming … but it doesn’t need to. All you need to do is put the “CLAMPS” on and you’ll quickly find aligning your dream career and your dream company actually becomes quite methodical.

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Women In The Workforce



For years women’s role in the work place has been a topic of discussion ranging from safety and wages to discrimination and harassment. It seems to me these days a lot of the younger females have forgotten or just don’t know about the solidarity movements and sacrifices that have taken place just to advance them this far to ensure them that their voice is heard. 

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Why The Best Leaders Take Action First And Ask Questions Later


Aspiring leaders often assume that their role models are successful because they make careful decisions. While it is true that executives who act impulsively, without considering available intelligence, risk making huge mistakes, it is also true that highly effective leaders believe quick action is key to success. Here is why: 

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Rhett May - Insatiable



Before embarking on my Rhett May journey I did a little sniffing around, simply to see what it was that I was walking into, a musical mental preparation, of sorts.  When I discovered that Rhett May is compared to classic artists such as The Beatles, The Doors and Nash and Young I became, understandably so, skeptical

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