Rhett May - Insatiable



Before embarking on my Rhett May journey I did a little sniffing around, simply to see what it was that I was walking into, a musical mental preparation, of sorts.  When I discovered that Rhett May is compared to classic artists such as The Beatles, The Doors and Nash and Young I became, understandably so, skeptical

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Khing Jus Wurk



Well I first started my career in hip-hop when I was in the Group Home Hawthorne Cedar Knolls in Westchester N.Y at the age of  around eight years old. And it stuck with me ever since, I have been writing my own material since I was twelve years old. Went through many stages to reach the point that I am at my career hasn’t been easy and that’s where my name came from. I am Wurk and it’s actually Jus Wurk but I decided to add the Khing for a little flare. 

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King Locust

king locustKing Locust

I recently had the chance to interview Akron, Ohio’s rap impresario and Clique Vodka Rep., CEO & artist of Global  Mogul, LLC King Locust. The gritty street veteran of the Akron hiphop scene gives us a look inside his world.

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You Are What You Listen To


 If one listens to the wrong kind of music, he will become the wrong kind of person.”

While we may never know the depths of the music industry truth, we do have experts confirming that we, as humans, naturally emulate behavior.

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Cover Charges Vs. Guaranteed


Support your local scene. Because without them you wouldn’t have your favorite bands.

You will pay $30 to $50 to go see a band play one song you heard on the radio…. but you won’t pay $5 to $7 to see local bands? Hmmm, this disturbs me. Terribly. It bothers me because these bands have to make a living somehow.

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Too Old To Try Something New?



Don't let people tell  you that you are too old to pursue your dreams. Recording artist? Producer? Promoter?

Age isn’t always a factor in your success or failure. Consider these famous examples:

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Smart Listener - Chamber Music


If you have been following The Smart Listener Series then you recall that I have explained a few things about symphonic music such as The Ciaccona, Paganini Caprices for solo violin and Beethoven piano sonatas. But there is still one classical music genre which is one of the most amazing. 

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